24 Feb
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Allies Win the War, ale brewed with dates.

Total: 38/50

 Appearance: 6.
clarity(2): 2
head retention(2): 2

Notes: Impressive clarity. The amber hues of the beer are very deep and rich in colour.

Aroma: 7
malt(3): 2
hops(3): 3
other(3): 2

Notes: The hops come through the nose with a distinct west coast citrus/piney aroma, backed by a nice malt richness to make your mouth water. Pavlov?

Flavor: 14
malt(4): 3
hops(4): 4
balance(5): 2
conditioning/carbonation(3): 3
After taste(3): 2

Notes: The ale is very hop forward with the hops lingering throughout the entire tasting. The malt comes through in the first moments the beer comes into contact with  the tougue and fades to sturdy hop flavoure, lingering until the next quaff. Hits of pine and citrus are predominant though and though.

Body: 4

Notes: The beer finishes very well with minimal residual chomp left on the pallate. A little scary for this 8.5% behemoth. The attenuation on this ale is very deceptive, making it feel in the 6% range.

Overall: 7

Notes: The dates are not very apparent in the beer with the hops taking the majority of the pallate. This is a very good hop forward amber ale that would go toe-to-toe with some IPAs. I approached this beer wanting something a little out of the ordinary with the dates and felt that they could have been a tid more pronounced.

So, what do you think?