25 Jan
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Review: Carnevale ale

Total: 42/50

 Appearance: 6.
clarity(2): 2
head retention(2): 2

Notes: Impressive in all sections. Beautiful deep cloudy honey tone, perfectly appealing for this rich style; and a creamy, fluffy, rocky head that sticks to the sides of your glass.

Aroma: 9
malt(3): 3
hops(3): 3
other(3): 3

Notes: Lemon with honey sweetness

Flavor: 16
malt(4): 4
hops(4): 3
balance(5): 4
conditioning/carbonation(3): 3
After taste(3): 2

Notes: Very nice phenols from the yeast gives a layer of cloves with the american hops coming through with hints of citrus/ornage. A very very nice Saison. I would reccomend to anyone.

Body: 4

Notes: The body of the ale is very nice for easy drinking. The oats give it a little chomp but overall the beer ends very light.

Overall: 9

Notes: I would recommend this beer to beer enthusiasts and those starting to get into craft beer, very approachable.

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