26 Oct
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Review: Aphrodite

Total: 42/50

 Appearance: 6.
color(2): 2
clarity(2): 2
head retention(2): 2

Notes: Clear ruby amber with a nice firm head.

Aroma: 7
malt(3): 3
hops(3): 2
other(3): 2

Notes: Complex tart funkiness comes cascading through the nose of the beer with an underlying hint of fruit.

Flavor: 16
malt(4): 4
hops(4): 3
balance(5): 4
conditioning/carbonation(3): 3
After taste(3): 2

Notes: Interesting complex funky, tartness with underlying tones of cherries. The beer starts with sweet maltiness that quickly fades into a funky ride. Mild lambic characteristics with some barnyard notes meld with mild cherry notes creeping through the back. The beer finishes very dry and lingers on the tongue.

Body: 4

Notes: Nice full body. The alcohol level of the beer is not tasted with the dry finish and tart flavors, making it very drinkable.

Overall: 9

Notes: Overall the beer is very fun and unique. The fruit characteristics of Aphrodite gives a slight impression of the lambic style but quickly fades to a complex, funky, and very interesting experience. This is a great beer to try if you are getting into wild yeasts or soured beers. I will definitely come back to this one.

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