13 Oct
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Review: KingPin Double Red Ale

Total: 40/50

 Appearance: 6.
color(2): 2
clarity(2): 2
head retention(2): 2

Notes: Clear ruby red color with a nice head that sits up.

Aroma: 8
malt(3): 3
hops(3): 2
other(3): 2

Notes: The beer has a nice malt backbone with faint spicy/earthy undertones. There is a nice malt/hop balance in the nose with both aromas merging for a very nice first impression.

Flavor: 15
malt(4): 3
hops(4): 2
balance(5): 4
conditioning/carbonation(3): 3
After taste(3): 2

Notes: Spicy maltiness with a spot of earthy characteristics. A moderate-high hop bitterness makes this a little more hop forward than other beers in its category. The Liberty hops used in the beer help accentuate the spiciness with the level of alcohol keeping the hop bitterness in check.

Body: 4

Notes: Nice full body. The alcohol level of the beer helps the maltiness stand up to the hop forward approach the beer takes.

Overall: 8

Notes: Overall the beer is a very interesting and a fun take on a style that we do not get to see many commercial example in stores. The use of rye adds a great underlying complexity that pairs well with the choice of hops. I would like to see the beer presented with less bittering hop additions and more hop presence in the nose so that the malt can be a little more forward.

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